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Substitution in SAP

Substitution in SAP (DOC, 362 KB)

Substitution in SAP

SAP substitution allows task owners to designate a substitute to act on worklist tasks on their behalf.  Worklist tasks can include approval tasks for PCR’s, Travel and Purchase Requisitions.
 A task owner can have multiple substitutes if desired.  A task owner can designate different individuals to act on their behalf for different worklist tasks.   See example below.
Task Owner          Jane’s Substitutes
Jane                      Bob is Jane’s substitute for Travel
                            Sally is Jane’s substitute for PCR’s
                            Grace is Jane’s substitute for Requisitions
                            Tess is also Jane’s substitute for Requisitions
                            Joe is Jane’s substitute for Requisitions, Travel and PCR’s (All Texas State)       

Manage Substitutions

To manage substitution designees go to the SAP Portal Worklist, click on the icon icon and choose Manage Substitution Rules.  The icon icon is located at the far right hand side of the screen.
Manage Substitution Rules
When you click on Manage Substitution Rules a new window will open and “pop up”. 
Click on the button Create Rule to create a new substitution rule. 
Manage Substitution Rule
If you know the user id of the substitute, you can enter it directly in the Nominee field. 
Nominee field
If the user id is unknown, click on the Select button to search for the substitute. 
Create a Substitution Rule
The last name only can be entered or the last name and partial first name can be entered to narrow the search.    Once the individual is found, click on the button Apply
Search for People
Now select the substitution task from the drop down list: Assign These Tasks.     In this example, we are selecting PCR Approval.   PCR Approval, Travel Approval and Requisition Approval are supported options.   Selecting All will return an error and no substitute will be established.   If a substitute is needed to approve Requisitions, Travel and PCR documents select the option “All Texas State” in Assign These Tasks.
Create a Substitution Rule
Next select either the Receive My Tasks or the Fill in For Me radio button.  If Receive My Tasks is selected, the substitute will immediately receive tasks in their Worklist to act upon. In this selection both the task owner and the substitute will receive email notifications to alert them to tasks needing action in the Worklist.
Now click on the Next button.
Next Button
By default, the substitution rule is enabled by the On button.  On - The Rule will be enabled Click Save
Save Button Location
After clicking on Save, note that the screen displays the new substitution rule. 
New Substitution Rule
If the desire is to create a substitute to “Fill In For Me”, an example of the completed selection screen is below.     The substitutes that are set up as “Fill In For Me” will not receive email notifications. 
Fill in For Me
Select the date the substitution should begin and click the Save button. 
Submission Date
Note the differences in the Receives My Tasks and the Fills In For Me substitutes.
Manage Substitution Rules
If you are a substitute for someone else, this will display under Other Users’ Substitution Rules. 
The “Fill In” substitute must click the Take Over button in order to fill in for the task owner. 
The “Fill In” substitute should click the End Take-Over button when finished filling in for the task owner. 
Substitution Rules
Important! Click Refresh when you return to the main worklist screen to see the results of Take Over and End Take Over actions.   

Quick Tip

Tip 1
Sub Error Msg
Note: You will see this error if for Assign These Tasks “All” is selected.
All tasks
Or if the substitute selected is not authorized via SAP security roles for the substituted activity. 
Reminder: If a substitute is needed to approve Requisitions, Travel and PCR documents select the option “All Texas State” in Assign These Tasks.
All Texas State