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Faculty Employment and Retention

Search and Negotiations

Faculty Hiring


Faculty compensation is driven by several factors that include discipline, rank, experience, and market conditions.  The university initially pegs faculty salaries for new hires to discipline-specific national medial salary points by rank using data obtained through the College and Personnel Association (CUPA) Faculty Salary Study.

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Moving and Relocation Expenses

University Policy:

Provost's Office Support: Excel Spreadsheet


Research Start-Up Funds

Research start-up funds are committed to faculty members at the point of hiring in order to build, develop, and enhance research programs that are important to the ongoing mission of Texas State University.  These funds represent a clear investment in the research and professional careers of faculty.  At the discretion of the Provost, start-up support is provided to ensure new faculty members have access to necessary equipment and/or instrumentation, supplies, and other resources required to initiate a competitive research/scholarly/creative agenda that will generate externally funded grants and/or contracts.  Start-up request are made to the Associate Provost by department chairs, school directors and/or deans, using the template provided below.  Although start-up packages are negotiated through the Associate Provost, many start-up packages require the approval of the Provost.  The final approved start-up package will be emailed to the chair/director in an excel spreadsheet labeled Dept Name_Faculty Last Name_Start-up Approved.

University Policy:

Start-Up Requests Template: Excel Spreadsheet


Contracting Forms

New Hire Packet Checklists


Curriculum Vitae

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Faculty Retention Guidelines