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Faculty Recruitment

Hiring Matrix

The matrix is to determine which applicants meet the minimum qualifications and who has the most relevant job experience.  The search committee should design the matrix categories to correspond to the required and preferred qualifications.

If a committee member determines that a candidate does not meet the required qualifications, then the candidate should not be scored on the rest of matrix. Only candidates who meet the required qualifications should be considered for the position.  

View our sample matrix here (word/excel).

Texas State PeopleAdmin Login

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  • The new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) through PeopleAdmin will greatly improve the university's recruitment process for all faculty and staff hires.

    This new system is an efficient and effective recruitment process through a fully automated process that includes email notifications, routing, approvals and document retention. The system also allows for the review and evaluation of applications at any time, from any computer system with internet access.

  • Enhancements for Applicants System

    • Allows the applicant to create a single application profile and use it to apply for multiple jobs.
    • Applicants may update their online application 24 hours a day from the convenience of their own home.
    • Provides automated notification to applicants both online and via email regarding the status of their application (reduces time and costs associated with mailing paper notifications).

    Enhancements for Texas State University

    • Hiring departments will have electronic access to applicant data.
    • Faster processing of employment information.
    • Up-to-date access to information regarding all of your postings.
    • Eliminates processing delays associated with submission of applicant document.
    • Ensures applicant data is readily available for both analytical and compliance reporting.
    • Improves EEO response rate while eliminating the costs associated with a paper process.
  • Faculty Contact

    If you need assistance with the faculty hiring process, please contact Lyndi Wittekiend in Faculty Records at 512.245.3628 or by email at

    Staff Contact

    If you need assistance with the staff hiring process, to speak to a veteran liaison, or for disability accommodations, please contact Human Resources at 512.245.2557 or

  • Access the new faculty recruitment site at:

  • The hiring process will change in a number of significant ways. The most important change is that the PeopleAdmin system will automate many of the paper–driven aspects of the employment-application process.

    Creating and submitting the job posting and hiring proposals via PeopleAdmin will result in a faster processing of employment information, provide you with up-to-date access to information, and allow you to review application materials online. 

    Jobs will be posted on the Texas State Job Opportunities website.  Applicants will apply online directly to the jobs of their choice. Managers can review all applications and screen each applicant. 
    The record-keeping aspect of the selection process is simple and ensures accuracy.

  • The Texas State Job Opportunities website is the official application method for job seekers. You should send the applicants an acknowledgement either by email, hard copy, or phone to let them know they need to apply directly through the Texas State Job Opportunities website, This ensures consistency and that we appropriately ask for the same information from every applicant.

  • In order to gain access to PeopleAdmin, you will need to complete the following: 

    1. Complete PeopleAdmin training session; and
    2. Submit Security Request Form
      •  The form should be completed, signed by supervisor, and submitted to HR per the instructions on the form.

    Please contact Lyndi Wittekiend at to schedule training.