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Welcome Letters


New faculty, new benefits eligible faculty, and new teaching assistants should be added to the New/Rehire Faculty and GTA/DTA Logs as positions are accepted.  The department/school administrative assistant can access the log through SharePoint.

(Note: Access has been provided to all Senior Admin and Admin III)


The Faculty Development Office will send welcome letters to all new tenured and tenure-track faculty in the fall.

Department are responsible for sending the appropriate welcome letter to all new faculty non-tenure line and per course faculty to notify them of the various sessions available during their first semester.

  • Non-tenure Line Faculty (Benefits Eligible)

Non-tenure Line Welcome Letter | Letter should be provided to new benefits eligible faculty to notify them of required attendance at new faculty orientation and additional workshops/sessions available.

  • Per Course Faculty (Non-Benefits Eligible)

Per Course Welcome Letter | Letter should be provided to new per course faculty regarding the available new faculty workshops/sessions and meetings.


If the benefits eligible faculty member will begin employment out-of-cycle (i.e., other than the 9/1 or 1/16 semester hire dates), they should attend New Employee Welcome (N.E.W.) I to enroll in benefits.  N.E.W. I sessions are held the first work day of each week.

Out-of-Cycle Faculty Welcome Letter (ZOOM) | Letter should be provided to new benefits eligible faculty members to notify required attendance at New Employee Welcome I.

It is imperative that both hiring manager and new employee register for the N.E.W. I session to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible for all parties. 

N.E.W. Administrative Registration | The hiring department is responsible for registering new faculty for New Employee Welcome (N.E.W.) I.