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Requesting Approval to Conduct Interviews

Important Notice:  The Office of Equity and Inclusion merged with the Talent Acquisition Team and transitioned to Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives on September 1, 2020.  The expanded capacity will include support to talent retention, inclusion, and equity initiatives.

*Their new email address is  The memorandum, sent via email, requesting approval to conduct faculty interviews will no longer be sent to fachiringOEA.   

Step 1: After completing internal deliberations, the search committee recommends candidates for final interview.  Associate provost approval is not required for preliminary screening interviews conducted. 

Step 2: The search committee chair is responsible for changing applicants to the appropriate state in the online system (e.g., Recommended for Interview, Alternate - Recommended for Interview, Applicant Not Selected).

Step 3: Once applicants are moved in the online system, the search committee chair submits the Outside Notification Memorandum via email notifying the next approver to review candidates selected for interview.  The memorandum should include the following: department or school, position title, job posting number, list of applicants being considered for interview, ranked alternates (if applicable), and the hiring matrix. 

Hiring matrix should include: all applicants through the first review date, and columns reflecting the required and preferred qualifications, Veteran's Preference verification, and document if preliminary were conducted.

Step 4: The memorandum, sent via email, is routed to the associate provost via the chair or director, the dean, and affirmative action specialist (  Approval must be secured at each level prior to the review and approval from the associate provost.

Step 5: Each reviewer will access the online system to review the applications and applicant documents.  Reviews are no longer required to move the applicant's workflow state.

Step 6: The search committee may be required, based upon the recommendation of the chair or director, the dean, affirmative action specialist, or the associate provost to interview additional applicants. 

Step 7: The search committee chair, chair or director, and dean will be notified by Faculty and Academic Resources via email once the candidates have been reviewed by the associate provost.  If the associate provost concurs with the recommendations, the committee may begin scheduling interviews to be conducted virtually or on-campus.

Sample Outside Memorandum Email

Requesting Approval to Conduct Final Interview

The purpose of the Requesting Approval to Conduct Final Interview Guide is to provide instructions to formally request interview approval from the associate provost for the following positions:

  • Promotion-eligible titles (clinical, practice, and research)
  • Senior lecturers