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Hiring Freeze Protocol for Faculty and Staff Positions

Hiring Freeze Protocol for Faculty and Staff Positions

Steps for Approval to Post, Reclassify, Hire, and Take Personnel Actions

Division of Academic Affairs - Texas State University (2020)


The extraordinary challenges created by COVID-19 demand unprecedented fiscal discipline.  To that end, the university implemented financial constraints in March 2020, including required presidential approval on many personnel actions.  Account managers and supervisors are responsible for assessing the budgetary and operational impact of all personnel requests made using the following process.  This assessment includes both short-term and long-term effects on essential operations and budget commitments.

Step 1.  Request approval to post position or take personnel action via email to Dr. Thorne ( and copy to Cindy Waggoner (  Position request should include short rationale, position title, position number, funding source and available budget, and proposed posting salary range.  Reclassifications should include current and proposed position title as well as proposed salary/ pay increase amount and funding source, if salary adjustment requested.  For other personnel actions, please contact Cindy Waggoner or Tammy Sharp for guidance.

Step 2.  After approved by Dr. Thorne, Nick Schellman creates and completes the Position/Personnel Funding Approval form and emails the form to the department for any additional information and signature(s).  

Step 3.  Dean/Director/AVP signs the Position/Personnel Funding Approval form and returns to Nick Schellman via email.

Step 4.  Nick Schellman provides the Position/Personnel Funding Approval form to Tammy Sharp to include in the weekly memo for the president's approval of faculty and staff positions due to the hiring freeze. 

Step 5.  After approved by the president, Nick Schellman uploads the executed Position/Personnel Funding Approval form in SharePoint and emails the department that position has been approved by the president. 

Step 6.  At this time, department may finalize and submit the position request in PeopleAdmin.  A copy of Dr. Thorne's approval email and the executed Position/Personnel Funding Approval form are uploaded by the department in PeopleAdmin as attachments to the requisition.  

Step 7.  For actions taken via PCR, a copy of the executed Position/Personnel Funding Approval form is attached to the PCR by the department. 


Questions about budget: Cindy Waggoner 512-245-8378

Questions about Position/Personnel Funding Approval form: Nick Schellman 512-245-6208

Questions about weekly memo to president: Tammy Sharp 512-245-2475

Guidance on Hiring Freeze:

March 26, 2020 email: New Financial Constraints Implemented

March 27, 2020 email: Recently Enacted Financial Measures

Frequently Asked Questions (scroll down to Hiring Freeze section)