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Hiring Matrix

The hiring matrix tool is required for all faculty searches.  This tool ensures the hiring selection decisions are based on lawful job-related and non-discriminatory criteria, thus providing Equal Employment Opportunity to all applicants.  The search committee should design the matrix categories to correspond to the required and preferred qualifications. 

If a committee member determines that a candidate does not meet the required qualifications, then the candidate should not be scored on the rest of matrix. Only candidates who meet the required qualifications should be considered for the position.  

How to Use the Hiring Matrix Tool

Sample matrix templates:

  1. Sample Matrix without Weights (option 1)
  2. Sample Matrix without Weights (option 2)
  3. Sample Matrix with Weights

The hiring matrix should include: all applicants through the first review date, columns reflecting the required and preferred qualifications, veteran's preference verification, and document if preliminary interviews were conducted. 

The search committee must request approval to conduct final interviews.  Instructions for requesting interview approval can be found on the Recruitment Toolbox under Search Committee. 

How to Use the Hiring Matrix Tool

The purpose of the How to Use the Hiring Matrix Tool Guide is to provide instructions on designing and utilizing the hiring matrix tool during the search process.